Bassetts Jelly Babies

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Barratts Jelly Babies – Juicy fruity little jelly babies

a little history on he babies

Jelly Babies originate as far back as 1864 and are claimed to have been formulated, or created, by an Austrian man, named Herr Steinbeck, working at Fryers of Lancashire.
It is believed he designed the shape on the traditional Austrian gingerbread man and they were originally named ‘Unclaimed Babies’.
Around half a century later, in 1918 Bassetts sweet makers of Sheffield, South Yorkshire produced what they then called ‘Peace Babies’ and these were made to mark the end of the First World War.
These sweets have always been a massive favourite among Children and Adults alike presumably for the distinctiveness in the various colours and appearance, sweet taste and easy to eat.
Interestingly, the manufacture of the sweet was suspended during the second World War, due to shortages.
The product was then relaunched by Bassetts in 1953, only this time they were named  ‘Jelly Babies’.
The Bassetts company was taken over in 1989 by Cadbury-Schweppes.
In 2007, Bassett’s changed the ingredients to include only natural colours and ingredients in the sweet.
These days, there are other brands of the sweet on the market, not only just different sweet makers but also some Supermarkets produce their own brand of this sweet.
Some interesting facts for you
Barnack Confectionnery launched a sweet named ‘Jellyatrics’ to mark the 80th birthday of the sweet.
The Beatles pop group use to be pelted with the sweet, in the USA and UK, after it was revealed it was George Harrison favourite sweet.

Each of the Bassatt’s now have an individual name with their own colour, shape and taste. Prior to 1989 they were all the same shape.
The names are Baby Bonny (pink-raspberry), Bigheart (Black-Blackcurrant), Boofuls (green-lime), Brillaint (red-strawberry) , Bubbles (yellow-lemon), Bumper (orange).
The sweet is a big favourite of the T.V character Doctor Who and often mentioned by the different Doctors in various episodes.
The first episode was with the second Doctor, while waiting in the time tardis in the ‘Dominators’ episode. They have been used with every Doctor since.
But they became most associated with the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, where he was often seen offering them to strangers or his own companions in order to calm an anxious situation.
The Doctors nemesis, The Master, was also seen offering them to his wife in “the Sound of the Drums” episode.
Jelly Babies have a firm outer layer with the inside being softer and the British version more often than not, is dusted. This dusting effect is created by starch which is used to help release the sweets from their mould. You may find that these sweets outside of the UK lack the dusting effect.