Traditionals Old Times Hamper

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Treat a loved one or even yourself to a trip down memory lane with a Traditionals Sweets Hamper, filled to the brim with all of the old favourites.
Share a memory and a sweet with your sweet toothed loved one, this gift hamper is the perfect Christmas, Birthday or even Anniversary present.
Delicately presented in a vintage-style wicker basket and lined with paper, you can transport your loved one to the days of old and share some simple sweets!

Contents from time to time may vary slightly depending on availability, but will be substituted with something as equally as good if we have to do this
Suitable for ages 8+                                                                                                                                                                         Some Sweets May Contain Gluten and Wheat

All our Hampers are put together by us to give you that extra personal touch

Aniseed Twists – 100g
Assorted Toffees – 100g
Butterscotch – 100g
Jelly Babies – 200g
Jelly Beans – 200g
Kola Cubes – 200g
Liquorice Cream Swirls – 100g
Liquorice Wheels – 100g
Mint Humbugs – 100g
Mint Imperials – 100g
Pear Drops – 100g
Pineapple Cubes – 100g
Rhubarb and Custards – 200g
Rosey Apples – 100g
Lemon Sherbets – 100g
Mixed Flavoured Bon Bons – 100g
Sweet Peanuts – 100g
Turkish Delight – 100g
Vanilla Fudge – 100g
Wine Gums – 100g